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Friday May 26th, 2023

This year, the culminating Grade 8 students will be celebrating JR Grad Nite at Magic Mountain. 
All forms: permission form, and waiver form, must be initialed and signed and turned in with Ms. Rivera. The ticket price is $125. Ticket sales are final and there are no refunds! Grad Nite will be from 3:30pm to 12:45 am (this includes departure and arrival).  We will provide lunch for students after school and start loading the buses at 4:30pm. We will return the following day May 27th between 12:45am and 1:15am
The ticket price includes: the ticket for magic mountain Gradnite event, T-Shirt, Lunch and transportation.

Image by Simone Secci


1-Are the students allowed to bring water? Or flasks?

Students are allowed to bring water bottles to the park, but they must be sealed when entering the park. They are able to bring hydros as well, but they must be empty when entering the park. 

2-Can the use their prepaid credit card that you offer at your kiosk during the special night event?

They are able to use the Kiosks in the park when converting their cash to a pre-paid visa card during this event. 

Saturday May 8th

General Information
  • Payment will be after school by the main office entrance.

  • Parents need to fill out a permission form, you can do that scanning the QR code or click on the button above

  • PTSA volunteers & Teacher Volunteers will be onsite to supervise the event and students

  • Parents will drop off Students in front of the venue, make sure to check in before you leave your student

  • Parents need to be at 10pm sharp to pick up your student, you need to check your student out at the end of the dance

  • Snacks & drinks are included in the ticket price

  • No, In and Outs

  • MORP Royal court will be selected by students, a google form will be sent thru Middle school leadership on Friday May 28th and will be posted here on Monday May 1st

  • Voting will be done via google form for those attending on Thursday May 4th & Friday May 5th

  • MORP Royal Court will be announce at the dance on May 6th

  • MORP dance is ONLY for middles school students

  • You have more questions please email us at or Text President Ana Pulido 323-679-8257

  • Updates will be posted here

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